Telangana’s cancer tally rising by 12%; doctors red flag excessive use of tobacco | Hyderabad News – Times of India

HYDERABAD: Telangana could have more than 53,000 new cancer cases by 2025, revealed the National Centre for Disease Informatics and Research (NCDIR) estimates, registering an increase by 12.48% within the next three years if massive lifestyle changes are not adopted.
The NCDIR said Telangana reported 47,620 cancer cases in 2020 with breast, lung, head and neck, cervix and stomach cancers emerging as the leading sites of cancer among men and women.

“Prevalence of head and neck cancer is slightly higher in Telangana as compared to other states. Liberal use of tobacco in all forms, which is very common in rural areas, is the source of head and neck cancer. Of the 10 patients we get, six to seven patients have such habits,” said Dr Netagani Jayalatha, director of MNJ Institute of Oncology, Hyderabad.
Other states such as Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka are also likely to experience an increase by 12% in the number of cancer cases, with Madhya Pradesh likely to witness a 17% rise.
As per data, Telangana records 3,800 annual average cancer cases. By 2025, one in seven women and one in nine men below the age of 74 years are likely to develop cancer, they said.
“Today, most of the cancer cases are due to poor hygiene, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle etc. Occupational hazards and high exposure to pollution also contribute to the rising cancer levels. In many cases, these can be avoided,” said Dr K Sreekanth, chief surgical oncologist, Yashoda hospitals, Somajiguda.
The only way to close the care gap, doctors said, is through early detection. “The incidence of cancer is increasing among people, especially among adolescents. If cancer is detecting at stage 1, there are almost 90% chances to get it cured completely. Early screening and treatment is the only way to close the care gap,” said Dr Vipin Goyal, consultant surgical oncologist, CARE Hospitals, Banjara Hills.

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