Celebrity advertisements rose 8% in IPL 15: Report

On comparing the 39 matches during the current Indian Premier League 2022, the celebrity endorsed ad saw a growth of 8% in share, over previous seasons, according to the latest data by TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research. Celebrity endorsed ads accounted for 53% of the total ad volume in IPL 15 during the first 39 matches.

Among all professions, film actors led brand endorsement with a majority of 47% shares of ad volumes, followed by sports person with 37% shares, film actress and TV actress with 12% and 2%, respectively, while TV actors were at 1% , during IPL 15. Shares of film actors endorsed ads per channel grew by 5% in IPL 15 compared to IPL 14.

As per the report, the overall number of celebrities saw a drop of 17%, while the number of sports personalities grew by 14% during the first 39 matches of IPL 15 compared to IPL 14. Additionally, three out of top five overall celebrities were common between IPL 15 and IPL 14. Ranveer Singh was on top with 9% share of ad volumes during IPL 15. Interestingly, among the top five, M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma were common sports celebrities in both IPL 15 and IPL 14, the report stated.

The top five categories’ list had three categories from the e-commerce sector (including gaming, education, and wallets). Meanwhile, the top five categories accounted for 66% share of celebrity ad volumes in IPL 15. It is to be noted, the top five advertisers contributed to 48% share of celebrity ad volumes during the 39 matches of IPL 15. K P Pan Foods was followed by Sporta Technologies, Vishnu Packaging, Dreamplug Technologies, and Asso of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), in IPL 15.

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